One Achord Choir
A brief history
The choir was originally a small music group and consisted of a few members. One day to our own surprise we decided to put on a musical! But unsurprisingly we didn’t have enough budding singers and actors to do so, an appeal went out and folk from the circuit joined us for a one off production. With great imagination we called ourselves ‘ The music group and friends’. The musical was called The Singing Dancing Carpenter and was so successful we boldly went forth and did another one the next year and the next year. By this time we decided a new name was called for and so One Achord was born.

The choir is made up from some members of St Andrews along with and friends from Bishopstoke and Romsey churches and varies between 24 and 30 singers and musicians. We are a mixed bunch and sing a variety of music interspersed with light hearted sketches and fun poems etc. Usually we give three concerts a year at various churches or venues with any donated money going to the charity the people are supporting. Over the years we have raised a few thousand pounds through donations and had a lot of fun along with some hard work. In December we love to offer a modern day Christmas cantata which sets our thoughts and minds towards the Nativity. We really enjoy celebrating with the cantatas and feel that they are an inspiration to the choir and the audience. The night of the Father’s love, Heaven’s child, Invitation to a miracle to name just three.

If you would like a concert by One Achord we would be delighted to provide one for you.

Please contact us through one of the choir members or email

We would love to hear from you.
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